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Virgin Remy Hair

What is remy hair?

Remy human hair is hair that is carefully harvested so that the cuticles are perfectly aligned for a softer, silky feel and carefree styling. If you look at your natural hair, it all flows from your part in the same direction. Remy hair does the same thing, meaning it's as close to natural as you can get your extensions to be. 

About Remy Hair

If you want to see the difference between remy human hair and non-remy human hair, think about haircuts in a salon. If a stylist were to put someone's long hair in a ponytail, hold it close and snip, that would produce Remy Human Hair. Conversely, if the stylist were to snip, snip, snip and then bundle the cuttings from a receptacle, the cuticles would be scattered in different directions. Many wigs are made from this process, and they can be softened chemically to make it easier to style; however, it will not have the same outstanding quality as remy human hair.

Virgin remy hair is simply remy hair that has not been chemically processed. One distinct advantage of virgin remy hair is the natural gloss that mother nature provides. Virgin remy hair is not always basic black—many dark haired women have lovely natural auburn or copper highlights and remy weaves made with virgin remy hair can blend these gorgeous naturally highlighted strands in with your own hair for an amazing look.

Remy weaves can be colored or curled. A remy weave doesn't have to be made from pure virgin hair to be fabulous, as due to the alignment of the cuticles it always looks smooth and shiny, even if it is treated by bleach or wave processing. Your remy weave is a treasure, so don't overdo the bleaching or processing. If in doubt about how to care for your remy hair, always ask a salon professional.

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