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Remy Hair Prices

It pays to do some comparison shopping when buying remy hair. Make sure it is 100% real remy hair, not remy-like hair. Imitation can be a sincere form of flattery, but not when it comes to getting the real thing. One you have found a quality company from where to purchase your remy hair extensions, you need to consider the following.

Are you buying clip in extension for a temporary look or will you be installing “taped in” extensions for semi-permanent wear? Clip in extensions are usually cheaper but need proper installation to keep them looking as natural as possible. Your Remy hair extensions price also depends if you are purchasing remy virgin hair or chemically processed remy hair, with virgin hair being more expensive.

Another factor is the look you want to achieve. Remy hair extensions price is determined by how many bundles you need (if we are talking abour weaves).  The average length for extensions is 12 to 22 inches, and if you want longer, the price for your remy hair extensions set will increase.

One way to save money is if you buy your remy hair extensions wholesale. However, you will only be able to get remy hair extensions wholesale if you are buying more than a few pieces.  So this may only apply if you are having a wedding or some sort of big event where you need to style a number of people.  There are companies that offer wholesale remy hair extensions online, however, we ask that you avoid these as there is no way of validating the quality until you have purchased the hair.  Instead give us a call and see what wholesale prices we can offer. 

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