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Peruvian Hair Deep Wave

The Peruvian Hair Deep Wave style lets an individual make a statement while, at the same time, keeping things as classy as possible. People always tend to think about the deep wave style whenever they think about this kind of hair. The product that is available from Maxglam Hair is full-bodied, thick, and matches the hair that many African Americans sport because of how coarse it can get. Here are some of the main key features of this product:

*Each bundle weighs approximately 100g. Typically, three bundles are required in order to achieve a full look. Some individuals choose to invest in four bundles if they really want to make a strong statement. All prices listed are for one single bundle.

*The quality of the hair that we use is both remy and virgin quality. The term "virgin quality" is used because the hair must be texturized in order to achieve the deep curl style, which means that the hair itself cannot simply be referred to as "virgin." On the other hand, the hair that is used to achieve the deep curl look is actually virgin, as well as of a high quality.

*This hair can be washed, bleached, and colored in any way that you want; however, extra care must be taken when it comes to bleaching in order to prevent the curls from getting loosened. It is not recommended that you attempt to straighten this particular hair, as this can create too much stress on the hair itself.

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