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Human Hair Full Lace Wigs

Long, sexy hair is something you have been dreaming about, but when you wake up, your thinning hair is all you see in the mirror. Luckily, human hair full lace wigs help your dreams come true. A human hair wig is capable of handling any styling application you use, including high heat, color dyes, and any chemical based gel or spray. A full lace wig is much different from a standard wig, and enables longer wear, as well as a more natural look. 

Human hair full lace wigs can be parted anywhere, offer a natural looking hairline, and with the proper adhesive, can be worn for up to four to six weeks at one time. There is never a worry about slipping, a crooked hairline, or someone noticing the netting underneath the wig. The full lace wig stays in place with adhesive glue placed along your hairline, and the ultra thin, but durable lace holding the hairs together looks like your natural scalp when parted. 

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