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Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions offer a magical solution to an issue that many people have dealt with at one point or another: You walk out of the salon, feeling refreshed and 20 pounds lighter. But as soon as you look in the mirror, you regret your decision to chop it all off. 

Whether you received a bad cut, or you simply desire to change things up a bit, you might wish you could add hair on as easy as you took it off. No longer a solution worthy only of celebrities and socialites, human hair extensions continue to evolve into a more accessible, more affordable option. Human hair offers the most realistic look and feel. It is superior to less expensive synthetic options.

Human hair also offers more style choices because you can dye, brush, and style it. There are two options for placement of extensions. Though still a common salon choice, the do-it-yourself consumer finds clip-in human hair extensions an easy, affordable option for expanding the length of hair. The clip-in option requires no special training to apply. Clip-in extensions can simply be placed in at the root of the scalp.

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