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Deep Wave Brazilian Hair

Brazilian Hair Deep Wave pieces allow you to make a statement while keeping it classy!  For those who want to be noticed this is the look for you. More maintenance is required and you will need to get smart on curl definers, but it is all worth it!  Similar to other Brazilian Hair styles, the Deep Wave style is full bodied, soft and luxurious.  Key product features: 

Bundle size:  Each bundle weighs 100g, and about 3 bundles are required for a full look.  You may even go for 4 bundles if you are really about making a statement.  Please note that prices listed are for 1 bundle.

Hair Quality:  Our Deep Wave Brazilian Hair is both remy and virgin quality.  The reason we say “virgin quality” and not strictly virgin is that to achieve the deep wave style, the hair must be texturized (e.g. lightly processed).  However, the hair used to achieve the deep wave style is virgin and of the highest quality available.

Bleaching, Washing and Styling: You can bleach, wash and style your Brazilian Hair Deep Wave piece whichever way you want.  But more so that straighter textures, extra care must be taken when bleaching Deep Wave hair to preserve the wavy style.  We recommend against trying to straighten the hair. Please read on to find out more.

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