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Brazilian Weave Prices

We sell our Brazilian hair weaves by the bundle.  Each bundle is approximately 100g.  To get a full look, you need about 3 bundles, depending on the length of the hair.  For 10 to 14 inches, you need about 2 to 3 Brazilian hair bundles; for 16 to 22 inches you will need 3 bundles; and for 24 to 30 inches you will need 4 or more Brazilian hair bundles.  Prices for difference styles - Brazilian straight, body wave, deep wave, curly, etc - are the same.  Our weave prices differ by length only.  

Because this hair is relatively thick and dense compared to other textures, you get a relatively fuller look with few Brazilian hair bundles (as compared to other textures).

Occasionally, we put our Brazilian hair for sale at discounts ranging from 10% to 20% or more.  To find our when we have our Brazilian hair for sale, please follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter.  

When looking at prices for different weaves, it's important to keep in mind that not all Brazilian hair suppliers are the same. Due to the increase in the demand for Brazilian weaves, there are tons of different suppliers and figuring out which suppliers will offer you quality, original, and reliable Brazilian hair requires a lot of research and patience. However, there are a few tips to help you.

First, remember that a quality authentic virgin Brazilian weave is not cheap.  If you find suppliers offering prices that seem to be very cheap, tread carefully, as there may be a reason for this.  It is likely that those suppliers have cheap weave prices because the hair is of poor quality and you will only notice after wearing it.

Second, remember that you are spending good money and there is no shame is asking lots of questions.  It is always good to find a good supplier who has the best customer service.

Finally, make sure that your Brazilian hair supplier has a refund policy that is fair and reasonable.  If you have problems with your hair within a short period of time, it means the hair is likely to be defective (unless you have not cared for it properly), and you need to be able to exchange or get your money back.  And at the very least, your supplier should offer to help you solve the problem.

Maxglam Hair Boutique is one of the leading suppliers of authentic Brazilian weaves in South Africa and abroad.  We hold ourselves to a high standard in terms of products and service to our customers. 

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