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Brazilian Wavy Weave

Brazilian Wavy Hair is healthy virgin hair, which has not been processed at all. This hair has a lot of natural body to it . It is cuticle hair, provided by the donor in its original state, therefore, the direction of the hair is respected, and the hair does not tangle at all. It comes in natural off black color and sometimes a bit lighter. It is strong hair that is naturally straight, wavy or curly. The waviness can be easily turned into curly with proper styling. It is excellent for people with African ancestry, as it looks very natural, yet manageable.

Weight: Each bundle is approximately 3.5oz
Color: Natural Off Black Color 1b
Weft: Machine Weft

Styling: For a full sew in we recommend 3-4 bundles. Remember: Longer the hair the short the weft. If you desire your hair to be full with lots of volume we suggest you go with 4 bundles of hair.

Looking after your hair extensions

If looked after properly these extension will last for a minimum of 12 moths, up to a maximum of 24 months. Some people like to come to our store every 2 months to have the extension removed and then attached again.

As the hair strands are as strong as your own hair you should be able to treat them the same as your hair. That means you can bleach, brush, dye, and wash the extensions in exactly the same way. However we do advise you to be cautious when you bleach or dye your hair extensions.

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