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Brazilian Hair Straight

The straight Brazilian hairstyle is one that is popular for an extremely good reason. The style is soft while, at the same time, thick and full-bodied, all of which makes it very durable. This means that straight Brazilian hair is easily maintainable thanks in large part to the clean and elegant look that it provides. This hairstyle is not one that frizzes easily, which is absolutely perfect for someone who may be looking to get their first weave or something that's just simple, yet elegant and stylish.

Here are some key product features to keep in mind:

*Size of Bundles: Each bundle weighs approximately 100g, and prices that are shown are for one single bundle.

*Quality of Hair: The particular hair that is used in each bundle is Virgin Remy, meaning that the hair that we use has not been processed in any way, which allows to the cuticles to remain intact and properly aligned.

*Washing, Styling, and Bleaching: Our products are able to be styled, bleached, and washed since everything is natural, healthy, and has undergone very little to no processing. Additionally, they can also be curled, blow-dried, and straightened.

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