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What is 360 Lace Wig

What i 360 lace wig? We re-ewed the 360 frotal am udle ito a wig. It i ot full lace, ot lace frot, which i with lace aroud. 360 lace wig i with more weft at to, total wig deity i 150% or 180%.With thi 360 lace wig you ca
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What is 360 lace wig? We pre-sewed the 360 frontal & bundles into a wig. It is not full lace, not lace front, which is with lace around. 360 lace wig is with more wefts at top, total wig density is 150% or 180%. 
With this 360 lace wig you can have the versatility in styling options 
    Up-dos and high pony tails 
    Freestyle parting – so you can part in any desired direction. 
    No more need to worry about your edges showing or your tracks being exposed!! 
    You will have more depth in styling options with this trending and revolutionary hair extension piece.

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