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Ways To Avoid Heat Damage

Most of women will buy many hot tools such as curling irons or flat irons in different sizes, since today we live in a busy life and usually we need to restyle our hair. These hot tools apply high heat to our hair, which can change the texture of our
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Most of women will buy many hot tools such as curling irons or flat irons in different sizes, since today we live in a busy life and usually we need to restyle our hair. These hot tools apply high heat to our hair, which can change the texture of our hair in a short time. However, high heat will cause damage to our hair, sometime they even be permanent. If you usually use hot tools, you need to pay more attention to take care of your hair. Today I will share with you about some ways to avoid heat damage to your own hair.

Why our hair will be damaged by heat? The answer is that our hair consists mainly of “hard” keratin, and it is vulnerable to heat as any protein is. There are three kinds of hair damage. The first type is mechanical damage, caused by the misuse of hair brushes and frequent back combing, etc. The second type is thermal damage, caused by the improper use of irons, hot rollers, curling irons, hair dryers and other heat styling tools. The last type is chemical damage, caused by frequent bleaching, coloring as well as perming. In daily life, you need to take care of your hair carefully.

Everyone has different hair. Different hair has different tolerance. Damaged hair is more susceptible to heat damage. It is important to do an assessment to determine whether or not you should apply heat to your hair. Naturally curly hair tends to be more resistant than straight hair. You can identify your hair by examining its softness, texture and elascity.
Before applying heat, you can moisture and deep condition your hair, which can strength your own hair and ensure the hair cuticles present a smooth look. Coconut oil also can be used to avoid heat damage.
Heat protectant plays an important part in protecting your hair. It creates a barrier between your hair and heat exposure. You can choose some silicone-based protectant, which can prevent moisture from reaching the hair shaft. Use a light moisturizer before using heat protectant.
The most important point is to limit the use of heat and only use medium to low heat while styling. Hair burns or begins to denature at 450F. Buy a professional blow dryer is also important in avoiding heat damage because blow dryer will give off a great amount of heat.

If you must to change your hairstyle frequently, I recommend you to use some heatless tools such as hair rollers. Some people may consider that rollers cost much time. Well, you have another choice --- wearing hair products such as hair wig, hair weave with closure of frontal. It is better to buy human hair products, as synthetic hair couldn’t be restyled. Human hair also can be divided into different types. For example, hair weaves include Brazilian weave, Malaysian weave, Peruvian weave and so on. You can achieve any fashion hair styles at your desire, without causing any damage to your hair. Human hair products usually can be used for about one year if a good care has been given. To restyle your natural hair by using hot tools or by wearing hair products, no matter what you choose, don’t forget to take a good care of your own hair.
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