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Virgin Hair Vs Remy Hair

For those who have been engaged in hair industry for the first time or those who are new in hair extension, the definition of Virgin hair and Remy hair may confuse them. More often than not, these two terms have been used interchangeable, but they still h
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For those who have been engaged in hair industry for the first time or those who are new in hair extension, the definition of Virgin hair and Remy hair may confuse them. More often than not, these two terms have been used interchangeable, but they still have lots of differences. Today I will talk with you about what is the difference between Virgin hair and Remy hair.

Hair can be divided into human hair and synthetic hair. Human hair is more expensive than synthetic hair. It is durable and natural, but it also needs to be cared as your own hair. It boasts of great versatility. There are several popular kinds of human hair in hair industry: Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair and Peruvian hair. Brazilian hair is shiny and available in various textures. It fits almost all hairstyles. Malaysian hair is soft in texture. For those who want thickness and volume, it is the best choice. Indian hair is easy to be curled or straightened. Peruvian hair is straight, thick and a little wavy in texture. It usually comes in dark colors. Synthetic hair is cheaper than human hair. What’s more, it can be worn right out of the box with little or no styling, which can save much of your time. As hair can be divided into human hair and synthetic hair, human hair can be divided into Virgin human hair and Remy human hair.

Virgin hair refers to the hair that has not been chemically altered in any way, including dyes, perms, bleaching or any other chemical process. It could be said that Virgin hair is Remy hair that has not undergone any process. Virgin hair is smooth and tangle free, because its cuticles are intact. It requires a good care to maintain the look and feel of the hair.

Remy hair comes from a single donor, representing the highest quality. All the cuticles have been designed in one direction and the cuts of which are the same length. It presents a smooth texture and allows the hair to last longer and style more naturally. Remy hair may be colored or permed. Its typical feature is its intact cuticle.

Non-remy hair is the left over hair, which is gathered from the floors of salons and then being recycled to make hair products. The directions of its cuticles are various, so this kind of hair is easy to tangle. To produce a particular color or texture in the hair, non-remy hair usually undergoes a chemical treatment. It is a medium between high quality hair (Virgin hair and Remy hair) and low quality hair (synthetic hair).

As for myself, I prefer to buy some hair products such as deep wave weave which is made of human hair. Deep wave hair can greatly increase the volume of my hair and give me a natural look. Maxglam is one of my favorite brands which provide cheap human hair bundles. Human hair products are usually expensive, but they have some coupons or discount for consumers, giving a chance for me to get cheap hair bundles. Loose wave hair, curly hair or straight hair… you can get whatever you like to achieve your dreaming style. It is very convenient to use hair products such as bundles, closure, frontal and wig. But remember that do not rely too much on them. You also need to take a good care of your own hair, or some permanent damage may be caused.
 loose wave weave
 human hair weave

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