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quick weave with bangs

It is very quick, simple and easy to do a quick weave with bang. Once you master the skills of installing quick weaves with bangs, you could get nice-looking and very natural haircut at a very short time. It is a very practical technique for people that are busy with work. You could choose 10 inch weave and Indian weave to do your practice. Here is a tutorial video.
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middle part sew in

There are many kinds of hair products in the market, giving women convenience to change hairstyles. Wig, bundle and closure, etc are become more and more popular. Among which, bundle has great versatility. Maxglam provides you many kinds of bundles such as blonde bundles and kinky curly bundles. Bundles can be used to sew in. The following video will show you how to make middle part sew in.
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12 inch sew in weave

If you want to have a 12 inch weave bob hairstyle, here is a tutorial about how to sew in 12 inch weave length hair extension for you. If you're not able or interested in going to a salon to have your weave done, you can do it yourself at home with the right tools.
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12 inch weave sew in

12 inch weave is kind of quite short hair but with adorable feel of young and nice. There are many 12 inch hair weave styles in Maxglam, which you can choose one or two of them to style yourself. The 12 inch hair weave styles vary from straight hairstyles, body wave hairstyles to the curly hairstyles like deep wave hairstyles, beach wave hairstyles and others. The hair quality is fine and the hair textures are very versatile so that you can make difference try in stylish.
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24 inch sew in

If you want to get the hair extension and not sure what length to choose, the 24 inch weave length is highly recommend. If you want to know how to sew in the 24 inch weave, just check out this tutorial.It will show you some great tips about sewing in the hair bundles. You can surely learn something!
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30 inch sew in

If you want to try a much longer hairstyle and don't want to wait for that long, you can get the sew in hair extensions. The 30 inch weave hairstyles might be a good choice.You can learn how to sew in the hair by yourself so to save the money for the stylist. All you need to do is to order some nice 30 inch weave and check out this tutorial.
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360 sew in

If you are looking for a completed hair extensions, then 360 frontal weave is the best choice for all of you. The 360 frontal from Maxglam is with real hair weave, whose origin can be varying from Peruvian human hair, Brazilian human hair, Indian human hair, etc. All of these hair types are good for their softness and there is no shedding and tangling with. The 360 frontal weave is made with good density of 120 percent and if you want more density you can just contact with us to customize. Also, it is not only with elastic belt, adjustable strap but also can be put in ponytail as it is full versatile.
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360 sew in weave

The 360 weave tends to be girls' favorite because of its great versatility. You can not only style 360 hair weave to any hairstyles that are laying down , it also allows you to do a pony tail with undetectable track.As long as you pick the suitable 360 hair, it can really be a good help for you to have versatile looks. Here is a tutorial about how to install a lace frontal flawlessly. Hope it can help!
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after washing natural hair

A wash routine is necessary for better styling natural hair afterward. However, if you fail to keep moisture, it's more challenging to get flawless styles for natural hair. Here is my tips for you to well solve this problem.
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after washing natural hair what to do

Wash day can be just that, a whole day. However, we shouldn’t have to draw a line through the day just to wash our hair natural. Washing your hair should not have to result in a night in front of the TV, waiting for our hair to dry in twists. Here are two styles that I like to do on freshly washed wet hair to keep my hair stretched and protected.
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