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My Ways To Wear Human Hair Extensions

As we know that we style our hair extensions just like decorating a gift, so we need to be careful and present beautiful us in front of people. So today’s topic is about ways that I’ve known to wear hair extensions. There are many different ways to wear h
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As we know that we style our hair extensions just like decorating a gift, so we need to be careful and present beautiful us in front of people. So today’s topic is about ways that I’ve known to wear hair extensions. There are many different ways to wear hair extensions, each of them has a different purpose and has advantages and disadvantages. Many people think weaves are limited but with all of the various methods to install and wear extensions, they are anything but! Here are the most popular methods of installing weaves: like deep wave weave, long straight weave, kinky curly weave and so on. When we are talking about hair weave and virgin hair, we would pay more attention to hairstyles and quality about it.

Different installations of weave hair
 kinky curly weave
Here I will introduce some different installations of weave hair to you. Firstly, bonding hair weave installation, which is quite popular. Use of special rubber adhesive to attach wefts to your hair.  This used to be a common method of adding length, volume and color temporarily but the potentially damaging effects of the adhesive have made its use somewhat obsolete. However, the more hair-friendly use of bonding is the quick weave method where the person’s real hair is wrapped and molded around their head, covered with a nylon cap then tracks are glued onto the cap. Secondly, the common way to installation: Sew in! Human’s natural hair is cornrowed and the weft hair is attached to the braids using weaving thread. This style can last up to 12 weeks with proper care and maintenance. Another advantage is that the natural hair is protected from styling, manipulation, and the environment which facilitates growth and length retention. You can either braid all of your hair or leave a section out to comb over the tracks to blend in with the extensions.

Other ways to install hair weave
 straight blonde hair
Net weave installation is kind of sew in that a variation of the sew-in weave, the net weave also involves braiding the real hair as a base and then a weaving cap or net is sewn to the perimeter braids. Weft hair is then sewn onto the net but not the real hair. Net weaves have the same advantages as the sew in, but also place less tension and stress on the real hair and are much faster to remove since you only have to detach the perimeter. The trade-off is that net weaves may be less secure than traditional sew ins but they can last anywhere from 8-10 weeks. Besides, there is a prevailing way called micro-loop weaves which is also using small sections of extension hair like fusion, but without the glue or keratin tip. To attach a small section of the person’s real hair is pulled through a small plastic loop with the extension hair is positioned on top of the real hair. To hold the extension in place the loop is pushed flat with tiny crimping pliers. Gives a similarly natural look as does fusion weaves. This style can last up to 12 weeks and should be removed by a professional. Of course, there’s still lots of new and fantastic way to install hair weave, if you like the ways to install your hair weave, just try and if you have other ways to install hair weave, welcome to recommend!

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