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How To Do A Quick Weave

A successful installed sew-in can make you look different in a second and a quick weave is no exception. Installing a weave is a faster and most affordable method to change your hairstyle. You can do that by yourself at home. Some people may don’t know wh
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A successful installed sew-in can make you look different in a second and a quick weave is no exception. Installing a weave is a faster and most affordable method to change your hairstyle. You can do that by yourself at home. Some people may don’t know what is a quick weave. It means a full weave involves bonding hair extensions to a thick weave cap. It is a great alternative to the traditional sew-in and more efficient.
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To do a quick weave, the first thing is to make sure that your hair is clean and dry. If your hair is wet and damp, it may cause mold to develop on your scalp. Then you need to braid your whole hair. If you plan to leave out your own hair on the top of your head, your braiding pattern must reflect the amount of leave-out. If you don’t want to leave out your own hair, braid your hair in a way where the weave will not bother your natural hair.
How to braid hair? Grab three small, fairly equal size amounts of hair, holding one in your right hand, one in your left and hold the center strand of hair in whatever hand feels comfortable. Keep in mind not to grab too much hair. Then begin by crossing the hair in your right hand underneath the hair in your center section. And then cross the hair in your left hand underneath the hair that's now in the center. Repeat this criss-cross pattern along the part line of the hair. As you move, pick up additional hair from the head and add it to the center section so that you will create one, continuous braid. When reach the end of your part, secure the end of the cornrow. Your braiding pattern doesn’t need to be perfect. Just make sure that it lay flat. You can search on Youtube. There are many tutorials about how to braid hair for a quick weave.
Then measure the back of your head from ear to ear and cut the weft. The sides of the weft should land half an inch from your hairline on either side of your head. If the weft extends past your hairline, it will be visible. After cutting the weft, apply binding glue to the weft in a straight line. Soften the glue with a blow dryer and apply the weave to your hair. Be careful not to apply it to your scalp. Finally let the glue dry and repeat this process. You can let it air dry or use blow dryer to set.

It is quicker to install a quick weave than traditional sew-in process, so it is perfect for those who want to save time. But sometimes the glue may pull your hair out. It is better to use a quality protective seal. Besides, cutting the weft may cause the shedding of bundles. If you are a beginner, you can ask a stylist or your friend for help.

To make a quick weave, you need to buy hair weave firstly. Some fashion hair companies provide discount for customers to get cheap hair bundles. There are some differences between Brazilian hair bundles, Malaysian hair bundles, Peruvian hair bundles, and Indian hair bundles. But they share lots of similarities. You can choose according to the texture that you need.
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