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How To Condition Your Damage Hair

Does your hair feel brittle and stiff? Dyeing, bleaching, straightening or blowing out your hair a lot can damage it over time. These processes dry out your hair and leave it prone to breakage and split ends. Once your hair is damaged, the best way to res
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Does your hair feel brittle and stiff? Dyeing, bleaching, straightening or blowing out your hair a lot can damage it over time. These processes dry out your hair and leave it prone to breakage and split ends. Once your hair is damaged, the best way to restore it is to give it time to grow back in healthy and strong. Use deep conditioning treatments to help bring back its luster, and be healthy from the inside out to promote the growth of new healthy hair.


Condition your hair each time you shampoo. Shampoo is designed to cleanse your hair, and conditioner to keep it hydrated, supple and shiny. When you condition your hair, place a dime or quarter-sized amount of conditioner in your palms. apply it at the ends of your hair, and use your fingers to work it up the length of your hair towards your roots. Focus on making sure the tips get special treatment, since they dry out much more quickly than your roots. Rinse your hair thoroughly when you're finished. Don't use more conditioner than you need to coat your hair lightly. Too much will weigh your hair down and make it look greasy. If your ends are extremely dry, you can add a little more to that area, however. For an extra glossy finish, rinse your hair using the coldest water you can stand. This will cause your hair shaft to lay flat and appear smoother and shinier than if you use hot water.


Do deep conditioning treatments once every few weeks. Deep conditioning treatments are designed to penetrate your hair to keep it hydrated all week long. Apply a tablespoon or so of deep conditioner to your hair and comb it through. Start about one inch from the roots and work it down to the tips. Then pile your hair on top of your head and secure it with a clip, and cover it with a shower cap. Wait at least an hour before shampooing it out of your hair. You can buy deep conditioning treatments from the store, or simply use a household item like coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil. Don't deep condition more than once a week, since doing it too often can actually damage your hair.

Try a homemade hair mask. On days when your hair looks limp, dull, or frizzy, a hair mask can restore its nice texture and shine. Apply a hair mask after you wet your hair in the shower, and shampoo it out at the end of your shower. Here are common household items that do wonders for damaged hair:
For dull hair: use a tablespoon of honey or one egg white
For frizzy hair: use one blended banana or avocado
For dry hair: use a tablespoon of milk or yogurt
For combination hair: use a combination of any of the above ingredients
Use finishing oil or serum. After your hair is dry, hair oil or serum serves to keep it from frizzing and protect it from the elements. Look for an anti-frizz serum or combination hair oil, and use your fingers to comb just a few drops through your hair. If you don't want to buy a special serum, use a little of one of the following oils:
Argan oil; Moroccan oil; Jojoba oil; Egg oil
Try a boar bristle brush. While most brushes are damaging to hair, boar bristle brushes are the one exception. The brushes are made with natural fibers that closely emulate the texture of human hair. They are designed to pull sebum from the roots of your hair to the tips, so that the full length of your hair receives the nourishing benefits of your scalp's natural oils.
First use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair, then brush your hair from roots to tips with a boar bristle brush. Your hair will be smooth and shiny when you're finished. Plastic brushes do not provide this benefit.
So you have some opinions for caring your curl hair, but if you think it will cost you too much time and maybe the effect cannot be showed immediately, then maybe you can consider to wear a curl virgin hair wig, several bundles or hair weave can be sew in a fashion wig. If you still didn’t find your favor hair brand, i would like to recommend you MAXGLAM, MAXGLAM provide fashion hair wigs, The hair from MAXGLAM is excellent quality with competitive price. such as brazilian weave, malaysian weave, peruvian weave and so on.

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